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Are there any side effects to teeth whitening?

If you are looking to alter your smile then you may be considering brightening it up with teeth whitening treatments. In this post, our Vancouver dentists list the potential side effects of professional teeth whitening and other things to keep in mind.

What is the purpose of teeth whitening?

Teeth whitening solely focuses on enhancing the appearance of your teeth and does not contribute to any oral health benefits. Many people find that having white teeth boosts their confidence and encourages them to maintain a good at-home dental hygiene regimen.

As we age, our teeth can become discoloured due to various factors such as our dietary choices, smoking, or the use of certain medications. Dental decay or injury can also be experienced by some individuals.

Whitening your teeth professionally can quickly and easily enhance the look of your teeth.

What are the different teeth whitening options?

The dentists at our clinic are often asked if there is more than one option for teeth whitening. Patients at our dental clinic in Vancouver have two choices for teeth whitening: 

  • Professional at-home bleaching kits offered by your dentist 
  • Teeth whitening products are available over the counter, without supervision from your dentist 

Are there any potential effects of teeth whitening?

Although the potential adverse effects of teeth whitening are small, the following are some of the most common:

Sensitive teeth 

After completing the teeth-whitening treatment, you might experience heightened sensitivity to temperature. You can expect the sensitivity to persist for approximately one to two weeks. Consult your dentist about products that may be helpful in the meantime. Products containing potassium nitrate and sodium fluoride are proposed to treat sensitivity.

Irritated Gums 

If the whitening solution comes into contact with your gums, you may experience mild irritation. Fortunately, this adverse effect is expected to fade rapidly following therapy.

Things to Remember With Professional Teeth Whitening

It's crucial to keep in mind that teeth whitening doesn't last forever, so you'll have to stay on top of touch-ups to prevent new stains from appearing. Remember, tooth whitening doesn't have an effect on restorations such as crowns, bridges, implants, or dentures.

Consider consulting with your dentist to determine if tooth whitening is a suitable option for you. Your dentist may recommend against this surgery if you have ongoing dental work or current cavities.

Our teeth-whitening treatments have been approved by dentists and are considered safe. It is important to seek guidance from your dentist before starting any treatment, ensuring that you select the one that is most suitable for your specific needs. Always follow the product's directions and inform your dentist immediately if you experience any side effects.

Do you have questions about what to expect during the teeth whitening process? Please contact our Vancouver dentists today.

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