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Celebrities Who have worn Invisalign

Celebrities Who have worn Invisalign

Numerous celebrities have opted for clear aligners from Invisalign to straighten their teeth or address other orthodontic concerns. Our South Granville dentists have compiled a list of celebrities who have chosen Invisalign.

You have a few options if you want to straighten your teeth. Invisalign may be one of them if your dentist thinks you qualify. Many people are unaware that celebrities have straightened their teeth with clear aligners.

Which celebrities have worn Invisalign?

A number of celebrities have chosen Invisalign, including:

Zac Efron 

Zac used to have a diastema, which was a gap between his molars and incisors. He used Invisalign to correct the issue, and you might not even notice he has it anymore.

Serena Williams 

Tennis player Serena Williams chose Invisalign treatment when she was 16 years old. She now has a straighter, more aesthetically pleasing smile as a result of her Invisalign treatment. She now has a grin to match her many Grand Slam victories.

Oprah Winfrey 

While Oprah has not spoken publicly about her Invisalign treatment, she has been photographed wearing the clear aligners during her show. Perhaps in part due to her orthodontic treatment, her smile has elicited widespread admiration.

Katherine Heigl 

Katherine decided to have her teeth straightened before her wedding. Her experience with Invisalign was so positive that she coined the phrase "Netflix for your teeth" to describe the clear aligners.

Gisele Bundchen 

Even models can have tooth misalignment issues. Bundchen decided to use Invisalign to correct a problem with one of her teeth that was shifting out of place.

Kate Middleton 

The Duchess of Cambridge is renowned for her impeccable taste in fashion (she is also a wife to Prince William). With all eyes on her in the months preceding what royal watchers dubbed "The Wedding of the Century," she took her orthodontist's advice and used Invisalign to correct some of her orthodontic issues.

Ask Your Dentist About Invisalign

Regular Janes and Joes have used Invisalign to correct orthodontic issues and straighten their teeth, just like celebrities. If you're wondering if Invisalign can help you with tooth alignment, jaw, bite, or other orthodontic issues, consult your dentist to see if you're a good candidate.

Do you want to know more about Invisalign clear aligners? To schedule a consultation, contact your South Granville dentist today.

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