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How do dental implants feel?

How do dental implants feel?

Dental implants are a popular tooth replacement that look and function just like natural teeth. But patients often wonder how dental implants will actually feel. Here, our Vancouver dentist explains more about dental implants.

Dental Implants

Dental implants are tiny titanium screws that are implanted into the jaw bone to act as a replacement for the roots of a missing teeth.

The titanium implants fuse with the surrounding bone to create a solid foundation for the restorations that sit on top. Depending on the number of teeth being replaced, the restoration portion of the implant can be a denture, crown, or dental bridge.

Do dental implants feel natural?

Since the implant doesn’t have any nerves, you cannot feel sensations though the implant. That means, any feelings you experience related to the dental implant will actually be coming from the soft tissue surrounding the implant.

Dental implants blend in perfectly with your natural teeth and  don't require any extra attention. You care for implants just like you care for your natural teeth.

After your implant has healed, and you’ve had a few weeks to get used to it, you’ll hardly notice the difference between your implant and your natural teeth.

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